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Privacy Policy

Felicia C. O'Hara is committed to the protection of your personal information. As a responsible owner of a website, Felicia C. O'Hara aims to ensure that your information is protected; moreover, as a legal practitioner governed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, she is professionally obligated to protect your information.


On the website you may intentionally, or unknowingly provide the following confidential information:


  • You may ask a question through our online form, in which case you are required to enter your first name, e-mail address, province, postal code, and question;

  • You may include optional information when asking a question including, but not limited to, last name, phone numbers, address etc.

  • You may contact Felicia C. O'Hara at any contact information listed on this site including, but not limited to, phone, e-mail address fax number and mailing address. In doing so you may reveal personal information such as your own e-mail address, your return address, your fax number, the telephone number from which you placed an outgoing call, your voice and your identity or likeness.

  • You may unknowingly, through (a) visiting the site, (b) asking a question through the site, or (c) contacting Felicia through e-mail at or similar e-mail addresses reveal your Internet Protocol Address (IP Address).

By using this website by engaging in some of the services listed above (i.e. asking questions, sending e-mails etc.), and also by simply viewing content on any web page you agree to the disclosure of certain personal information.


Felicia O'Hara takes reasonable measures to ensure that this information is protected from unauthorized access. Moreover, Felicia does not share this information with any third party other than those who are employed by him as part of his staff in the provision of Legal Services in the Province of Ontario.


If you do not want your contact information to be made available, you may stop using some or all of the services of this website. If you feel that you have already unknowingly provided personal information, you may contact Felicia C. O'Hara to request confirmation and, if necessary, destruction of this information. If you would like to limit the use or availability of your personal information, please send correspondence in writing (mail, e-mail, or fax) identifying yourself and indicating your request.

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